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I have Draper Luma High Contrast Grey 0.8 screen (HCG) and after several visits to usual cinema I felt that there is a problem with displaying of white color in my home theater.

I see too bright "white color" in light scenes on my HCG screen. If I add ND2 filter to my projector to reduce light output or adjust brightness parameter, "white" becomes not so bright but with strong gray tint. It's not enough clear and vibrant white. Difficult to describe, sorry.

But in usual cinema (matte screen), white color is very good - it's not too bright, but clear and really natural looking white color with lesser brightness. And my eye don't get tired after long watching of movies in cinema in comparison with my home theater.

I assume that improving black color, HCG screen definitely damages displaying of white color.

I have Panasonic AE900 LCD projector in completely dark room with black borders around the screen. And I plan to buy a new projector - Epson Pro Cinema 1080UB (TW2000).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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