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HD-A1 7.1 Analog Q's

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So i've had my HD-A1 set up for 5.1 for a long time and finally decided to use my last two speakers to try out 7.1.

I have the right and left rears split with Y cables for the back surrounds. I have an onkyo receiver (one from the HT-s790). Does splitting take from the rears? I mean, does it split the sound from the channel in half (I know this doesn't make much sense) to supply it both to the two speakers (rear left and back rear left?).

Is there anything else I should do? Anyway to use pro logic to get a good 7.1 signal to the rear speakers?
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Depending on the positioning of your back surround speakers, you may be creating an imaging problem for yourself.

When you have a sound that is suppose to come in from between the front right (or left)speaker and side surround (phantom speaker position), by adding back surround speakers running off the side surround signal to the mix, your phantom position may shift to where it doesn't sound right.

Since this will vary depending on the position of your rear surrounds, pay particular attention to imaging of the front sound stage and a/b the rear speakers as best you can.
This is a good question. I have an Onkyo SR674 coming in that does 7.1 only through analog inputs, not HDMI. I wasn't happy about this, but it is an otherwise nice receiver that I got at a real good price.

So, can one get "fake" 7.1 by using Y cables from the 2 surround outs of the A-1. I'd guess you'd get the exact same sound from the side and rear??
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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