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So, my hd-a30 started making a terrible noise the other night after playing the 3rd disc of it's always sunny in philadelpia season 3.

It may have been the nail in the coffin. It sounds like the disc drive motor is unbalanced all of the sudden and the disc is moving around wayyy to much.

I took apart the player and inspected the disc drive and nothing looks awry but, i've really never tinkered with repairing something that small.

Is there a place that I can buy a replacement dav-rb722 drive for this unit without gambling on a defective unit on ebay?

I think if i could get a replacement drive i'd be all set.

I tried doing some software stuff in the setup menu, and doing a hard reset, but to no avail. I really think it's a mechanical issue in the drive itself.

Any help on sourcing replacement parts would be great!


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