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HD-A30KU followed me home......

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I started watching HD-DVD last Summer using a HTPC. I own less than a dozen HD-DVDs, and I'm format-neutral, I also have a PS3 and a few Blu-Ray disks. I rent quite a few from NetFlix, however.

Today I picked up an HD-A30KU for $199 and the wife and I just finished the first HD-DVD movie in the family room (King Kong) on the new 46" 120Hz Samsung LCD.

The $199 is worth it to me not to have to mess with a HTPC. I mean, I paid more for my first two standalone DVD players. If someday I can't buy new HD-DVDs, then I'll play those I own or can rent, and it makes a fine upconverting player for my much larger collection of standard DVDs.

I'm digging the Toshiba pricing, and the 1080p24 video is superb. I paid about 4X that amount on a HTPC for these disks only 6 months ago.
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Congrats on the new player. Since it followed you home, remember you now have to feed it with lots of new movies
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.....and they say HD DVD is dead and nobody's buying it.

CONGRATS BROTHER! CONGRATS!!! I'm soon to purchase my 3rd HD DVD player
Loving the even lowered prices
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Invite friends and family over to watch an HD DVD movie.... then explain to them what HD DVD is and what it does. They'll probably want to buy one too!
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Originally Posted by MohaimenK /forum/post/12893039

.....and they say HD DVD is dead and nobody's buying it.

"They" are jumping the gun a little. An A30 just followed me home this weekend too, as well as a few new HD-DVDs.
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A A-35 followed me home last night to join the twin A-2's. A happy HD-DVD household.
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same thing happened to me... got home, turn around and what do you know an A30 is wagging its tail... Couldn't say no.
XA2s have been following me home.

Congrats to the new HD DVD owners and the owners adding to thier HD DVD stable of players.
the only thing that followed me home was a stray dog...boy you guys are lucky...
The A30 followed me home last night, as did "The Kingdom" "Full Metal Jacket" and "Harry Potter".....
An H-100 subwoofer followed me home the other day, and now my HD DVDs really sound great.
On the day of the price drop, An HD-A3 and HD-A30 followed me home. Today an HD-A2 that was firesaled by a friend found its way to my house for $80.00 and my original XA2 and A20 are still extremely happy... still waiting for the adoption notice (Confirm email) on the next family member, the HD-A35.

I am going to use the firesaled unit to loan out to friends and family to convince them to go red. I am apurple household, but throw my support behind HD-DVD fully. I support Quality not crap.
Just bought a family member an A30 at the new prices to complement mine.
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