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HD AUDIO?? - Integra DTR 5.8 w/ Playstation 3

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I've got an Integra DTR 5.8 receiver hooked to my PS3 via HDMI. I'm trying to watch a BluRay in either DTS Master Audio or Dolby TrueHD.

My question is this, what settings need to be set properly on the PS3 for this to happen? Is the PS3 processing the signal or can it be sent to the Integra pre-processed? I can't seem to light up the MA or TrueHD icons on the Integra.

Any help would be great - If the answer is simply that the PS3 is processing it and that the Integra is still being given the lossless signal, then that's fine, I just need to know.

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The PS3 is not capable of sending lossless audio undecoded. It decodes it and sends it has multi-channel PCM to the AVR / Audio processor.
I have the same set up Intergra 5.8 to PS3. At the moment all I have are my front speakers hooked up. What is the proper setting for the Interga to watch Blu-Rays on my PS3? In other words should I adjust the settings on my PS3? It goes to multi channel? I just want 2 channel digital sound through my PS3 via HDMI. All help much appreciated.

To spicystick,

Leave the PS3's output on LPCM on the maximum bitrate settings the Integra will allow. You can let the PS3 do it automatically during the audio setup wizard and it will show a list with compatible rates already checked off for you.

Go into the Integra's speaker setup menu, if you have not done so already and select "NO" instead of large/small for speakers you do not have hooked up.

Now when you listen to games and movies, I am thinking depending on the listening mode, the Integra should automatically redirect any surround info to your existing front speakers.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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