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Basically a few weeks ago I bought a 50" Sony Projector TV for around £50.
It was a great deal I thought until I had to go and buy a new lamp, after I bought the lamp I realised that the 720p TV only likes to display the picture at 50hz, at 60 I get an awful ghosting effect.
Ive wanted a HD Converter before to up-scale my PS2 games for my TV, so I spent around £40 for a new one.
It also, may I add, downscales the input of any HDMI Source to 50hz, which was perfect because I would have no Ghosting Effect.

It arrived this morning so I connected it to my Xbox One and tried it.
I can honestly say that the Ghosting effect had finally disappeared but now something even stranger happens.
The picture falls off the damn screen!
I have no idea what to do now so if you guys could give me some insight in order to fix this problem it would be much appreciated.
Just think of connecting a ZX Spectrum into a flat screen if the frequency is wrong.
The picture just goes up and up and up...


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