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Hd box for Direct Tv recorder

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Do they make a sat box recorder that is 1080P?

I have searhed and dont seem to find any. I would like to get a zenith/lg if possible because my pronto is set up for it.

They also have some new ha/hu system for a new dish this would have to be compatible with.

Any ideas would be great

Thank you
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Nope. You can get a regular HD DVR (for D* that would currently be the HR10-250) box (which supports 1080i and 720p) and just purchase a video converter, which are usually quite pricey, and have it convert incoming video signals to 1080p for display.
Have you heard of anybody coming out with one?
An HD DVR which supports 1080p? If that's what you mean, then no, and if you were referring to a DirecTV unit only, then definately not, that is unless the new MPEG-4 HD DVR in the works (HR20-250) will support 1080p, but as of yet i have heard no mention of this feature, although little is known about it at this point.
thank you for the information
No problem, that's what the forum is for. :D
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