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I am looking for an HD camcorder with good manual controls and that will not limit me in a rigorous 9 month filming course and there after. I am assuming that this camera will last around 5 years before I feel the need to upgrade.

Background: I have taken art classes for many years in many different media, but film is not one of them, so I have decided to try it out. I will be doing a variety of experimenting so I cannot say exactly what features to emphasize and which could be downplayed. I will also be enrolling in a local art magnet school which has an exceptional film program in the fall. (btw, the school uses Final Cut for editing software)

I will be taking this camera to Europe in June so i would like to have it by the beginning of May at the latest.

The max I could spend is about $1500 for everything (body, lens(es), filters, media, lighting, mic, etc). However, I do not really know what I need to start with. This budget basically gives me free range of the consumer camcorder selection, and maybe some used prosumer equipment, I don't know.

Key features/specs:

-the smaller the better

-manual mode

-mic/headphone jacks

-highest resolution possible, preferably 1080i

-good low light performance

Basically I want the best all around camera with good manual controls.


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In your price range, the Canon HV20 likely has the best set of manual controls. HV30 might make an excellent choice as well, but it's not out yet.

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I second HV20/HV30. Buy a better mike, a small tripod, extra battery, small video light and save some money.

Prosumer cameras are MUCH heavier and bulky and even a used HD will probably be more than your budget. Keep in mind that the best SD prosumer will be no match to the worst HD consumer in picture quality.

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