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HD DVD: Blu-ray Camp Spreads Lies, Misinformation

While LG and Warner Bros. were making headlines at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for their solutions to possibly end the high-definition DVD format war, the Blu-ray and HD DVD camps were busy duking it out. I sat down with representatives from both sides for in-depth interviews.

"It's all lies."

So said David Chaplin, manager of the HD DVD Mobile Experience, when I told him I had sat down with representatives from the Blu-ray camp at CES and wanted to get the HD DVD camp's perspective on the format war.

"There's nothing worse than misinformation," said Chaplin, arguing that support for Blu-ray isn't as rock-solid as the camp would have you believe.

For example, Samsung -- developer of the BD-P1000 Blu-ray player and recently announced BD-P1200 -- is not squarely in the Blu-ray camp, Chaplin argued, because of the company's M55 laptop computer, which includes an HD DVD drive.

"That tells me Samsung has lost all faith in [Blu-ray]," he said. "It shows their lack of confidence in [it]."

The Blu-ray storage capacity advantage -- 51GB HD DVD discs aside -- is a "moot point," he said. "I can't think of any title that would need more space, from a studio's standpoint," said Chaplin. A disc like King Kong, he argued, is over 3 hours long, and the movie, commentary tracks and more fit on one 30 GB disc.

For more on the interview with the HD DVD camp, check out
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