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HD DVD hasn't shaken the 1080i stigma

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I was in my local respected video shop this weekend, and the salesperson was showing a couple TVs. They happened to have a Pioneer BluRay player for $1799 Can. hooked up to a Pioneer Pro-FHD1, and a Toshiba HD-A20 ($599)hooked up to a 52" LCD panel (Panasonic I think).

He went on to explain how the Pioneer was displaying a full 1080p signal, while the HD DVD was "only 1080i resolution". I interjected that there is no difference in resolution -- its just a matter of 1080i having twice the frame rate, and that the frames are re-interleaved by the TV.

He then reiterated that its "just 1080i", and walked away with the couple. I had thought he had a Toshiba A2 -- but then I saw it was the A20 -- with a big 1080P sticker on the front!! I called over to him "how do you know it's 1080i? He was stunned by my question. I said "It's an A20. It's 1080p -- and has a sticker right on the front".

Realizing he got it wrong, but wasn't beaten, he then added "but I think the demo disk is only a 1080i demo". I then said "All HD DVD disks are 1080p" and walked out. Now, I know that there are other resolutionsin the HD DVD spec, like 720p, but no-one uses them.

I really don't feel like buying a TV from that store. If they can't be bothered to know anything about an HD-DVD product they sell, then I figure that carries over to all other products as well.

I think Toshiba made a major mistake by not supporting 1080p by the start. Half the brick-and-mortar retailers out there are probably convinced now that HD DVD is only half the resolution of BluRay (there has to be something to justify $1799 versus $599 after all).
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You were right for the most part, I think the operative word is most.

Most HD DVDs are 1080P even thought my Toto Live in Amsterdam & Chicago/Earth,Wind & Fire concert HD DVD are 1080i.
Whenever these guys start going on about how the HD DVD format itself is 1080i, the easiest solution is simply to pick up any HD DVD movie and show them the little specification box on the back that indicates that the movie is 1080p.

Unfortunately the lack of "true" 1080p in 1st generation players has made it very easy for BBBs and many, many others to use this as a key selling point for why BR is better than HD DVD. Unfortunately many less informed people are swayed by such arguments.

.... Until they see the sticker price of a BR standalone. :grin:
You can't allow what a minimun wage Blue shirt knows about a product to influence what and where you buy. You seem to know what you need to make an informed decesion. Find the place that sells it for the best price and get it.
It is hard to overcome initial impressions.

Last summer, Sony shipped The Fifth Element and House of Flying Daggers. These titles were universally condemned. It is now nearly a year later and many people still say that HD DVD has better picture quality.

I think that HD DVD got off easy with the "1080i" label actually. Just think: they could have been stuck with The Fifth Element!

Originally Posted by rlsmith /forum/post/0

I think that HD DVD got off easy with the "1080i" label actually. Just think: they could have been stuck with The Fifth Element!

A bit OT, but Sony did just announce they are rereleasing TFE, probably with actual good PQ this time.

But I do agree it's hard to educate Joe Six Pack on all the differences of each tech, especially when Billy Acne Face is telling them the wrong info. Vote with your money.
Or better yet show me BD's 1080P vs HD DVD's 1080i and then show me where the difference is on the screen? Since they make a big deal out of it there should be a noticeable difference and if they didn't jerri-rig something there won't be. Or better just bust them one in the gut and walk out laughing.
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