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Hi All,

Here is my setup:

HTPC1: Intel i3-530, nVidia GTS 450, 4GB Ram

Receiver: Pioneer SC-35

Display: Sony 60a3000

HTPC2: AMD Athlon X2, HD5670

Receiver: Denon AVR790

Display: Samsung LNT-4661

On HTPC1 I have upgraded my video drivers to the latest stable version from May for my GTS450 thinking this will help but no luck. I am having issues on my HTPC1 playing back HD-DVD rips. I know these previously worked at one time but not sure what has changed, possibly some sort of windows update or something. The issue is that the audio is garbled and sounds like the center channel audio is mixed up. I upgraded the lav filters to 0.51.2 thinking this would help but no luck. I also upgraded madvr while I was at it so these 2 are up to date. I use mpc-hc as my player with these filters.

The interesting thing is that I do not have any issues when watching the same files on HTPC2. Everything plays clean.

For further info HTPC1 plays back all of my other blu-ray rips fine without any issues. Any clue on where the issue lies?
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