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HD DVE Sweltone No LFE Track on DD+ Side

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I played both the Sweltone and JKP roller coaster/fireworks demonstration material on the disk and discovered that the HD side containing the DD+ has NO LFE track at all. When I turned the disk and played the SD side with regular DD it has the LFE track.

Because of the SD DD side having LFE track it sounds more dynamic and has better impact then the same material recorded on the HD DD+ side .

Considering that this is the HD disk, I am wondering why no LFE track was added to these Demos?
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There is .LFE on my disc.
You guys have the LFE track on the HD DVE disk side for the Sweltone and JKP rollercoaster/fireworks that is recorded in DD+?

How did you verify that the track was there?

I have a Lexicon MC-12 HD that has a six graph bar showing the in coming signal from the analog inputs and it show no signal at all from the LFE track on the HD side but when I play the SD side recorded in reguler DD it shows the full LFE track in its full glory.
Frank D, you are completely correct, there is no LFE track on the Swelltone HD demo, and there is an LFE track on the SD version. Your bar graph doesn't lie.

This was determined simply by putting my hand on the subwoofer and feeling it with front, mid, and back speakers set to "large."

Lack of a LFE track is not inherently a problem; it's a good thing, but this isn't immediately obvious.

Dolby Digital has a bass redirection feature; I won't try to explain it much here, but you can search to find more details. Briefly, in your receiver or maybe player, you can say that your (front, mid, surround) speakers are "small" or "large." If they're "large," they're assumed to be able to accurately play whatever low frequencies are given to them. "Small," on the other hand, means that they can't handle low frequencies, so the low frequencies will instead be redirected to the subwoofer starting at a frequency set by the "crossover frequency" which is another parameter that is part of the user setup.

If there is nothing in the LFE track and your speakers are "large," the subwoofer will do nothing; this is the way it should be, the main speakers are carying the load as you told them to do. It's only if the speakers are "small" and there is no LFE that the subwoofer will be active.

That said, I don't know if the lack of LFE in the Swelltone HD is intentional or not; it may be a mistake, but I couldn't say for sure.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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