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HD-DVI connector sony ke 42ts2u to Computer?

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Hi guys,

Our family recently bought sony ke 42ts2u plasma TV. And well, I was wondering if it is at all possible to use a computer with it.

I noticed on the back there is a DVI connector, referring to the manual, it says the connector accepts "negative (-)" DVI only, not "positive (+)" ones, and a picture referring to it with the DVI's right side being a horizontal plate instead of a + sign... Now I pulled my DVI- 15pinVGA converter and tried to put it on the TV, it indeed doens't fit, it seems that there are 4 smaller pins next to the "negative" bar in the DVI connector.

Now I can remove those bars... but it will probably cause a problem, does anyone know if this TV will accept a PC's DVI input? With some type of converter or whatnot? I searched the web and manual for this, all I read was that sony doesn't officially support this, so what is the "unofficial" way?


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What you see there by the “-“ and “+†is actually denoting digital (DVI-D) and digital plug analog (DVI-I). The DVI receptacle with the “-“ is digital only, it will not accept an analog signal. The 4 pins located around the ground tab are for analog RGBHV. Your device requires a digital only signal. The dongle you have is a DVI-A adapter changing an HD15 VGA to a DVI-A or vice versa. It will not work at all for digital. If your PC has a DVI card then buy a DVI-D cable and connect it. This cable will not have the 4 pins around the ground tab. The Digital DVI signal is the same for all devices; you may have dual link or single link capability. Probably single link since dual link isn’t used much in the HT market. A dual link cable will perform all single link functions, just 3 TMDS channels are not used.
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Billy, I own a Sony Plasma - KDE-50XBR950. I use the component video connection for my PC using the ATI vga to component video adaptor. I have some underscan and can only use certain resolutions. I tried the DVI and it flickered too much and I was using a video card that had a DVI port. I have heard that with Powerstrip this can be corrected but have not tried it yet. And yes, if you call Sony they will tell you they do not support a PC so that means there is no driver and you are on your own. Let me know if you have any success. I would like to move to DVI myself because I was able to get all the resolutions to work but the flickering was too much.
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