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HD DVR Clarification

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So I ordered an HD DVR through DirecTV yesterday.

I already have a 3-LNB dish, and am in the Los Angeles area where they offer HD locals.

Rep told me I would not be able to TIVO any of the local HD channels unless I have some sort of off-air antenna. If I get the 5-LNB dish and no off-air antenna, he said I would receive the local channels, but not be able to TIVO them.

Is this correct info? Should I ask for an upgrade to the 5-LNB dish?

What's the deal?
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All you need is the 3 LNB dish you have now. Seeing you are in LA, you should get ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox via the dish in the 80 range. If you want any other local channels in your area, they would require an OTA antenna.

When the new MPEG4 capable DVR comes out you can upgrade to it and the 5 LNB dish, Directv should move the LA channels over to the new sats and start transmitting them in MPEG4 at some point and they should start picking up other local LA channels besides the big 4 in the future and you'll need the new equipment to get all of them.

Word of advice, when dealing with Directv CSR's, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
Short version: With your current dish and the HR10-250 you can TIVO HD CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox in the LA market without an OTA antenna.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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