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Just got my hands on the the new Dual Head Unit. Naturally my favorite radio station is the only one that isn't smart enough to time sync their HD and analog signals so when flopping back and forth on my way to work through the mountains its unbearable to listen to. Was hoping i could get a little bit more pulling power out of it with a booster but i know that HD is a brand new beast and wasnt sure if a booster would hurt it even more? Any ideas or suggestions?

Also gettin a little whine from the alternator... going to reground it. had a few questions.

1) can you ground the ground wire directly to the car body instead of the harness wire?

2) would grounding the deck itself (frame of it, probably gonna use that bolt hangin out the back for the extra support bracket that i didnt use) help out? I figure the plastic install kit breaks that ground.
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