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HD-lcd. Need a Tuner/reciever for cable. Advice?

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I just snagged a nice sony 1080 lcd 50 incher for a song, the problem is that it has no internal hdtv tuner. Right now I'm using my vcr to watch things and it looks just awful. I've got knology right now, and I know that they have some hdtv channels. Is there a way to get an external tuner so that I can watch tv and hdtv without using my vcr? I think anything would be an improvement from the quality from that.

Oh, I have knology, and I can't really get a straight answer out of them as to how many hd channels they have. The wife and I primarily watch CSI, so if that's in HD thet'd be the deal maker.

I've seen some receivers on ebay cheap. Are those worthwhile?
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First option would be to rent a box from Knology if they offer HD service. If Knology offers any unencrypted HD local channels then a QAM tuner could be used to receive them. I suggest you start off in the Local Reception forum here and see if you can find a thread for your area to see what other Knology users are doing for HD around you.
I tried local reception and most of it is back-fourth about channels but not much about knology. Is there not some sort of universal tuner box out there?
No, there isn't a universal tuner box out there for cable. You need to start off with finding out what your cable company offers then go from there. If you'd like premium HD channels you are pretty much limited to renting a box from them or buying something like the Tivo S3 which will work with a cable card as long as they rent those. If you are just interested in local HD channels and they offer them via unencrypted QAM, you can use a QAM tuner to get just those, if not you are back to option one, renting a box. Your other option if you just want locals it to attempt to receive them over the air and skip the cable company all together. You'd need an ATSC tuner and the proper antenna for your area.
Samsung 260STB? What will that do for me?
It can receive both unencrypted digital cable channels (QAM) and over-the-air broadcast channels (ATSC) from an antenna. It's a new model and is generally better than previous digital TV receivers. There's a long thread about it in this forum. Look for "DTB-H260F" in the title.
I see. Does anyone have a listing of the unencrypted channels for knology in the Tampa Bay area?
Oh, hows the samsung LST-3100A?

Originally Posted by kruuth /forum/post/0

I see. Does anyone have a listing of the unencrypted channels for knology in the Tampa Bay area?

Ask that in the proper thread: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=420401
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