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HD Leeza Horizontal Lines

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I am just setting up a LEEZA, and noticed something that is bothering me. I put in a Dumbo gold collection dvd and on the title screen all around Dumbo there are horizontal lines. I ran this test with dvd direct no horizontal lines. I ran the test with a centerstage scaler no horizontal lines... Is this a problem in the leeza or the unit I have only? Has anyone else seen this?

The playback is very filmlike in appearance which I like, but I worry this error will pop up in other places.
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Can you describe the problem in more detail? Like how long or thick are these horizontal lines? What color are they? How proliferous?

Video hints:
Yep, in the first menu screen there is an outline around dumbo in black or near black - as you would expect with animation.

It is an animated menu so the outline is changing.

Without leeza it is an outline.

With leeza there is a jagged appearance from horizontal lines. The lines don't go all the way across the screen.

It is that the outline is not curved properly around. All around the animation there is I would say half inch to an inch long horizontal line sticking out on both sides with breaks of about 1/8 inch between the lines.

The rest of the screen looks fine. I wish I could get a screenshot, but I cannot pause the menu.

It looks simlar to this http://www.100fps.com/distortion3.jpg does in the black support bar of the window going down. It is isolated to the animated dumbo and isn't on the rest of the screen. It also appeared to be isolated to the black outline the rest seemed fine.
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what projector are you using. If you have the option of changing the porch setting on the projector , please try playing with this feature. This should clear it up
It is on a plasma - haven't gotten to a projector yet =P

I would think a change like that would mean it were happening all the time and over the whole screen?

It may be a minor defect in edge detection?
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