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HD Picture Quality on KD34XBR960

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Being new to HiDef experience with my XBR960 since Christmas 2004, during this past Sunday night's telecast of the Grammy Awards on CBS...Did anyone else out there notice, that during performances which included rapidly flashing lights/strobe effect, the picture had a tendancy to pixelate (for lack of a better word). Picture quality was superior otherwise. I believe the broadcast was received on my XBR as 1080i. I have a CableCard and whenever I change channels the TV shows the HD reception.

Can anyone explain if this pixelation during strobe light effects is one of the limitations of the high definition technology????
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The HDTV signal is compressed by the broadcasters, including interframe compression. Basically, it's optimal for slow-moving objects, or no motion at all--fast changes, including strobing, will show up as a loss of resolution (pixellation.) It's NOT your TV, it's CBS's fault! Or at least the fault of having limited bandwidth.
Thanks for the reply and clarification PulseRF!!
cable is more compressed than OTA

do you have antenna you can compare with cable?
Yep strobe lights and lighting effects in staged performances is one of the worst type of video to compress for MPG2 used by HDTV. A poor encoder at the local station can cause pixelation and macroblocks under such situations. The quality of the encoder though varies between stations. If a station has lower bitrate than the maximum allowed 19.2Mb/sec with 1080i HD due to adding sub-channels, it can make it worse under those situations.

nope, I don't have an antenna to hook up to compare to the cable transmission.

Yes, I have a Zenith Silver Sensor indoor antenna.... I noticed the crappy quality of the Grammys broadcast as well.. (during strobes, wide shots, and fast movement) over the air... It was the same via Comcast Cable.... I was receiving the signal from KYW-TV CBS 3 in Philadelphia.

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