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HD PQ not good-Comcast NoVA

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Hi everyone I have a question about my current cable setup as I am underwhelmed with the HD PQ on my Panasonic TH-42PX75U.

When they set this thing up a year and a half ago, the comcast installer equipped me with a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3250HD box. The box looks very antiquated, and I feel that I might be sacrificing quite a bit of HD picture quality by continuing to use it. Should I ask Comcast to bring me a new box? Perhaps a Motorola or a newer Scientific Atlanta model? I'd like to be able to use an HDMI cable, but as of now I'm stuck with component, as well. Thanks.
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The panel's 1024X768 resolution is a factor, and another HD cable box, or switching to HDMI may not help. A 1080p plasma (1920X1080), or other 1080p displays that actually resolve 1920X1080, should deliver the maximum resolution any conventional source could provide. Assume the current STB is set to deliver 1080i output. Downconversion from 1920X1080 to 1024X768 can enhance the crispness of images. Experimenting with options, such as using a 720p STB output, should show whether the STB or display is best at conversions/scaling. It's usually best to minimize the number of format conversions taking place. Plasmas are one type of display that can use a digital HDMI signal from start to finish, although there are mixed reports about HDMI's PQ advantages. -- John
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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