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HD PQ question

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I have a question about picture quality vs signal quality of HD broadcasts.

I know in the analog cable realm that a poor signal would result directly to poor picture quality.

Is this the same for the digital realm (including HD)? Is it an all or nothing deal? Can a signal that produces crystal clear HD PQ (where you can see the outline of objects in the image), degrade to a bit of grainy outline with signal strength loss?

I'm asking since when I first set up the HD signal to projector I received super clear PQ. Now, it's still very good, but just not the crystal clear PQ that I first saw and wow'ed about.

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It's all or nothing...

There is a small gray area, but instead of ghosts and fringing, you get macroblocking and picture freeze.


So it seems that my projector is the culprit. Watching NFL in HD before was awesome to see the football in the air so clearly. Now the football is a bit smudgy in the air. Somewhat disappointing.

Can you think of anything else that might cause my loss in clarity/sharpness? Cables? Cross interference?

Depends on your source. If your provider is scaling or increasing compression to conserve bandwidth, you will see a quality loss with even the strongest of signal locks.

Like Dan says, it's all or nothing, assuming you get stable reception. If you don't, it will be very obvious with audio and video dropouts.

You didn't mention your programming source. Recently, both Dish Network and DirecTV and increased the compression on their HD, degrading picture quality somewhat. If your local affiliate(s) are running one or more subchannels (i.e. for weather feed), they are also degrading the quality of their HD.
That sounds like typical compression artifacts, most likely due to the source's encoder quality or they are using too low of a bitrate.
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