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HD Pump, Xbox 360, and .TS files...it WAS working!

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So I'm trying to figure out why my setup isn't working now to stream MPEG-2 .TS files from my Toshiba laptop to my Xbox 360, when it WAS working just fine.

Now, when I try to play an MPEG-2 .TS file (which shows up as a 'recognized' video file in the Media Center browser on the 360), I get a 'Media Center has encountered an error' message.

So, the variables...was there some change to Windows in a recent automatic update? Or Windows Media Player 11?

Or was there something in the latest Xbox 360 Spring '07 dashboard update that broke the HD Pump autoconvert process?

Anyone encounter this or have some ideas/links...?

Anyone have similar issues? Anyone have an idea whether either a 'security update' in XP, or the Spring '07 Xbox dashboard update or Media Player 11 could be the culprit (or something else?)... Beuller?
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I've been pulling my hair out over the last couple of days trying to figure out how to get .ts files to work on my 360 again. It used to work and now nothing works. I've uninstalled all codecs on my PC....no go. Then I just installed hdtvpump still no go then I reinstalled my K-Lite codec pack and still no go. I have a season worth of HD football games (Colts games from the Superbowl winning season) that I want to archive and replay through my 360 and I may need to re-encode these mammoth (20GB per game) files and I want to make sure it works.

Any help would be appreciated.
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