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HD receiver + dual-tuner DirecTIVO = what kind of install equip.??

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(not sure if this is the correct forum, but I'll start here)

I just picked up a Samsung T-160 HD box and I'm confused as to what equipment I need. I currently run a dual-tuner Sony SAT-T60

What type of HD dish will I need to purchase (will one type have any benefits over another given my situation)??

How many coax lines will I need to run to the inside of the home to preferably keep the dual-tuner function on the Sony box?

Is a multiswitch necessary?? If so, what configuration??

Keeping the dual tuner funcionality of the Sony box would be nice, but I'm willing to settle if it's going to cost me a lot of $$ or if it will add too much complexity to what I hope will be a simple install.
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bump (and I'll keep bumping until someone helps me :p )
You need an oval dish with 3 LNBFs a 4x4 multiswitch if you want to receive HD. You'll need at least 3 cables. 2 for the TiVo, and 1 for the HD box.

--Carlos V.
Most new multi-sat dishes come with a built-in multi-switch with four outputs.

I have a similar setup with a Hughes E-86 HD receiver and a DirecTivo.

I would go with the new Phase 3 DirecTV dish. The LNBs are housed together and allow up four tuners w/o the need of a multiswitch or the signal combiner for 110 and 119. This dish will allow you to see all three of DirecTV locations (101 for core programming, 110 for Showtime HD and Chinese programming and 119 for HBO HD, HD Net and Spanish programming). If you get this dish, you'll need three coax runs, 2 going to your PVR and one going to your HD box. You'll have one additional port open if you want to get another box sometime in the future. I don't know what the going rate for the 18X20" Phase 3 dish is, but it will provide the easiest and cleanest install and you'll be able to use both of your receivers to the fullest extent. After all, you paid for two tuners on your TiVo, why not be able to use them to the max.
You can pick 'em up, the "Phase III" triple LNB dishes that is, brand-new in the box for $69.99 + approx $12-$15/UPS Ground shipping on eBay. That's where I got mine and love it.

Just shop the ads. MOST are $89.99 plus the shipping. But, there is one seller that does the buy-it-now for $69.99 and they're selling the same product, easy to deal with, etc.



PS - By the way, just in case anyone's thinking it... No. It's NOT me. I just bought one, I don't sell 'em.
My friend bought one at Best Buy for $100. I helped him install the dish and it was a delight, as the mast has a bubble to indicate if it's vertical, and the tilt and elevation are clearly marked on the dish. The only thing we had to figure out was the azimuth.

With the integrated 110/119 combiner and multiswitch, I think the new Phase 3 dishes are super-cool.
Yup. Sounds exactly like the one I bought, right down to the bubble level integrated into the mast. Well, exactly... except for the $100+tax vs. $69+shipping price thing. ;)


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