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HD tuner card with Mythbuntu

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I am trying to setup a new Mythbuntu system to act as a OTA HD receiver and recorder for two channels at once. I am using an old P4 3GHz computer with 1.5GB memory, a soundblaster live 5.1D card to send the audio through coax to my Onkyo receiver, and a 3DLabs Wildcat VP560 video card with two DVI outputs to connect to my 50" Plasma TV. What dual tuner card would you recommend to receive OTA HD content? Will I be able to record one show and watch another show with my current setup?

Also any recommendations on remotes that work well with Mythbuntu would also be appreciated.
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There are not many dual atsc tuner cards available. In my research the one I found that had the greatest linux compatibility (especially with MythTV) was the HDHomeRun by SiloconDust.com. It's a tad pricey tho...

I can't speak for watching HD content on your system. There are a LOT of threads out there discussing this topic (min. system req's) so you should just search around. MythTV also has a writeup on system requirements... check there (even if you're not using myth, the req's will be comparable just for HD playback).

As for recording two shows at once, that is really a non-issue since the digital TV stream is already in a compatible format (mpeg2/ts) and just needs to be written to the disk. When I am recording two HD shows my cpu is at ~5%. The bigger question for you lies in decoding/watching the HD content and whether the old P4 can handle it. You may never know unless you actually try it as well...

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Ditto on the HDhomerun. I watch one show while recording another all the time with the HDhomerun. Mythtv even spools the stream so you can backup, pause, etc. cool!
Just use 2 ATSC PCI cards. take your pick from $15 to $150. As for remotes, any IR remote will work. But if you want to keep it simple, might get an MCE remote. I thnk there's support for it built into Mythbuntu. Personally, I use a USB ir receiver on one box and an old serial receiver on another. Both work fine and cost under $5.

Where can you get a USB IR Receiver for less than $5? I got one bundled with my MCE remote, but I need another receiver for a second Myth box.

I know about the Packard Bell serial receivers available for dirt cheap... but I'd prefer USB.


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Originally Posted by jimsiff /forum/post/14106840

Where can you get a USB IR Receiver for less than $5? I got one bundled with my MCE remote, but I need another receiver for a second Myth box.

I got mine on ebay. 5 for $15. Shipping was an extra $10 iirc. They use one of the MCE drivers. HP Media Center model OVU400102/71. They work great. I've got a few extra. I guess I could out them on ebay, but it's a pita.
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