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HD1000U offset problem - Please help

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Guys I need some help for this.

I am ordering a HD1000, I now currently have set up a Benq W100 that works perfectly with my room but from what i read the offset for the Mits is way bigger then on my Benq w100.

I am throwing a 120" image on a blank wall from exactly the opposite side of the room, the height of my room from the floor to my celling is 94.5' and the benq is at 75'. Using the Mits calculator i dont think i will pull it off, any choices for me ? Do I need to up a little bit the position of the PJ and then tilt it up and use some keystone ? i hate using keystone.
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Buy a low profile mount and mount the hd1000 closer to the ceiling.
How far are you projecting this image?

Why is your ceiling 95" up but the PJ is 20" below that?

Mount the HD1000 MUCH closer to the ceiling.
i am projecting from 17.8 feet, the height of the room is 7.8 feet . If i raise the PJ up as much as I can and after this use a little keystone i think it will work ? the thing is i dont want to use much keystone.
It'll work. I've got a very similar setup with a 130" screen, only with a low profile mount. I don't use any keystone, although I have the wall blacked out around the screen, which helps to hide the slight geometry issues.
how tall is your room ? I am now using a standard tv mount system like they have in hospitals, this works because the top of my benq is flat, i dont think it will work on the HD1000u because i see in pictures that it has a curved top
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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