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HD1000U & VGA input

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I just ordered one of these last night and it will be replacing an IN72, which replaced my SP4805, both of which were grerat projectors until you need customer service from Infocus. I am looking forward to 720p!

I was reading on another forum and it said if you used a HTPC...BE VERY CAREFULL WITH THIS PROJECTOR IF YOUR SOURCE IS A PC!!! It will *NOT* do 1:1 (pixel-per-pixel) on the VGA input. It does 1:1 on the HDMI input while using a DVI to HDMI cable. However, I had to set overscan to 100% and this distorted the Image.

How big of a problem is this going to be for me. I have all of my DVDs backed up on my PC. Will my picture not look as good w/o HDMI? Can I convert it to HDMI?

I also use component video. My receiver is an Onkyo 504 which feeds the projector thru component video to a LG DVD/VHS recorder and a cable box w/HD. I am hoping for a better all around picture. The LG has HDMI but my walls are already finished and I need about a 35-40Ft run to connect them. Should I try to run HDMI to my LG DVD recorder and by-pass the component video?

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All of the Mits owners out there and no one has a comment on the VGA input and the image quality using that? I guess it has only been a couple hours
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Well, I have HD1000 and have used the VGA input for my 360 and a laptop. The 360 Looks GREAT! Upscales my DVD's and is a great display at 1280x720. My laptop also looks good at 1:1 Pixel mapping but it did distort/re-resolution my laptop display. I would say if you use a HTPC and have the proj set as a 2nd monitor at a different res than your monitor, or use the same for both, it should look good. If you use JUST the proj and set is for 1280x720 it also should look good. I believe most of the problems are with software such as nvida or ATI contorl suites, but correct me if im wrong.
I use a VGA connection from my HTPC and it looks like a 1:1 pixel mapping to me. To avoid any scaling of the image, however, make sure you do the following:

1) Set your PC to output 1280x720p.

2) Set "overscan" on the PJ to 100%. (This setting is particularly annoying because it defaults to 97%, and it likes to reset to 97% if you change the input signal at all.)

3) Turn off brilliant color (0).

4) Turn off sharpness (-2).

5) Don't use any keystone.
By the way, if you are using Vista, the only way to achieve native 1280x720 is through HDMI/DVI connection. For some reason, Vista does not allow VGA to pass widescreen resolutions.

XP works with no problem and it looks fantastic! Be sure to do what Sigma mentioned above.
Depends on your video cards, HD1000u may or may not do 1280X720X60 via VGA. On HDMI, it's universally accepted on all video cards.
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