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Hello All,

First post on this projector.

I researched and compared and tried to dig out specs for several months before finally pulling the trigger on this purchase.

I was really torn between this and the Benq W1070, having never seen the Benq and only reading about better black levels on the 131 etc., etc.

I am really focused on PQ, and may still flip over to the Benq, but I doubt it.

Anyway this post was about the title contents : Firmware, Focus, and Mounts for the 131.

I'll go through the separate items and offer some info, hopefully it helps and I can find extra help in your replies.


Firmware and the HD25e comparison:

Like lots of you I wondered about the difference between the 131 and the 25e, seems like the guts are the same, same IC boards etc., so unless there is some slight difference in Lens or in the way the light is physically handled it seems like the only difference would be in firmware.

Sooo.... I loaded the HD25e firmware on the 131 and saw no real immediate difference except that i gained a couple of menu settings (Color, Tint) and I may have got this anyway with the native 131 update but I didn't try that yet.

So here's my question about this, assuming no significant physical differences between the 131 and the 25e, do I now have a HD25e ?



I have read complaints about the 131 being subject to uniform focus issues... I don't see that with mine.

Are those with focus issues using a screen with a gain above 1.0? Screens with higher gain have a problem with hotspotting or "focus spotting" on higher gain screens dont they?



My basement ceiling is only about 7.5 feet high and with the size and placement of my 110" screen, I had to mount my PJ as close to 2.5" from the ceiling as possible. I looked all over for a ultra low-profile ceiling mount and found one or two candidates that seemed unneccessarily expensive and not awesome in the realm of stability and ease of adjustment, so I found a standard 4 point mount and modified it... cost me about $35 is very stable, very adjustable, and actually doesnt look too bad either.

I used the included mount screws and stripped all of the arms etc., and everything except the top and bottom plates, drilled 3 holes and voila!!! the reverse thread adjustment collar is very easy to use and if i ever need to lengthen the drop all i need is an extension and its gold... I'll include a couple of pics here.



Very interested in your calibration settings, Im not great with that, my focus is primarily PQ... I want clarity and smooth/clear edge definition... not the artificial noisy look.

Here's the pics:


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#2: Perhaps your hd131xe doesn't have the issue. My projector has it but it cannot be seen when the zoom is set at narrow (which mine is.)

To check out the focus issue use the menu positioning setting in the menu and try it out in ALL four corner positions. And open the zoom to the full wide position.
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