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First of all many thanks for your help!

I have HD20 ceiling mounted at 15.5 feet from screen wall. I have 135' 16:9 fixed screen on which the image is projected. I see following pattern when I project grid or full screen, thru the system setup menu option of the HD 20.

Here are few things that tried.

1. I tried moving the projector mount to left for an inch or two to adjust the horizontal location. However, I see no difference between the projected images.

2. It seems to fix the image issue if I rotate the projected lens towards right. I have no way to confirm as the image spills across the screen.

3. I tried to use the keystone and other settings without any success.

4. I reviewed this thread as well

I am suspecting that it is an issue with the way projector mount have been connected to the ceiling. Is there a way to make sure that it is absolutely perpendicular to the screen? Please help me to fix this issue.



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From your drawing, it would seem to me that the projector is not mounted properly. The right side is smaller and tilted. Which means that either the projector is shooting at an angle or the screen is not exactly perpendicular to the projector. What appears to be happening is that the right side is closer, therefore giving a smaller image. You confirmed this by angling the projector, that should have been a huge clue right there.

What you are going to have to do to correct this is to first confirm that the screen is mounted exactly square to the projector. You do this by measuring from the lens to each side of the screen. And by the way, the projector should have mounted with the lens exactly on the vertical centerline of the screen.

If the screen is correct, then you're going to have to alter the angle of the projector so the image is square and then MOVE the projector over, rehang it, so the image is centered on the screen.

A pain, I know, but we say it here all the time...A good image starts with a proper installation.
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