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HD70 Bulb replacement

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Hey does anyone have any good sites for the Optoma BLFP200C bulb that are cheap and in the USA?
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one person said $233 but I don't remember where the thread was

Originally Posted by arnk0006 /forum/post/0

one person said $233 but I don't remember where the thread was

It was Guitarman. He said it was a place in Michigan but that they were out of stock when he last checked.
Try FROOGLE. Best I could find was $270 from reputable sites. You can find cheaper but I'm not that brave.

Did your bulb burn out? How many hours did you get?

I am nearing the 1000 hour mark and am curious just how much life I have left. I am the type to leave it on the rest of the day if I use it once, turning it on or off at most once per day.
nope bulb is good I just wanted to know sites for when it does go.
I bought the extended warrantee from bb for 199 gives one free bulb replacement
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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