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So I am 2 weeks out of my warranty on my Optoma HD70 and it turns my HT room into a disco. The color wheel went bad. I contacted Optoma and it will cost $160 to send it back to them + $100 labor +parts. Not worth it. My goal when I bought it was to go through 2 bulbs and then upgrade, and here I am needing a new PJ only 2 years (1700 bulb hours) after buying it.

I am wanting to get the Epson 6100. I have read great reviews, need lens shift as now I am in a new space than when I purchased the HD70, and feel it is a great value for 1080p. The problem is now I am gun-shy when it comes to warranties. Epson looks to have a great warranty package with the option to buy a 2-year extended warranty.

Here is the question... I want to buy from Amazon as I currently have $400 credit with them, but I want the extended warranty. How do I (or even can I) get the extended warranty if I buy though Amazon? Additionally, I never buy extended warranties as most times they are a rip off, but in this cae it seems prudent. What do you all think?
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