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HD70: is it my bulb or something worse?

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I have about 3200 hours or so on my HD70. I know I need a new bulb. But the projector this week, has started doing something strange. It will tint the entire screen different colors. Tint it a bright blue, or a bright green, or etc. Other times it seems to work perfectly fine.

I don't want to replace the bulb for $250 if something is wrong with the projector. I would just assume buy a new projector. Could a bad bulb be causing this problem?
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it wouldn't be the bulb. my guess is the colour wheel is either going bad, or the contacts for it are dirty and needs cleaning.
The only problem you will see from the lamp is reduced brightness/contrast. The color wheel is my first guess, as well.
What are contacts and how would I go about cleaning them?
it is my understanding that the colour wheel has a sensor mounted near it that allows the mainboard to monitor and adjust the colour wheel. if this sensor gets interference from dust then it might do what you describe.

please, anyone more knowledgeable than i correct me if i am wrong. i have never owned an hd70 and have not looked inside one, this is just what i gather from other people's experiences.

here is a quide for dismantling the hd70: http://tantht.blogspot.com/2009/02/h...om-optoma.html
I read the page you linked, thanks. I'm not sure that I have a "dust blob" problem. From what I've been reading it does sound like it might be a color wheel issue. I've still got 30 days left on my warranty, so I'm guessing I'm just going to send it back to Optoma. Does anyone know how they are in handling warranty issues?

I have the projector on right now and it's working perfectly fine. I haven't even seen the problem yet. My wife has seen it, and she was telling me about it while I was at work. So who knows.

Also I'm thinking about just getting this fixed (if there even is something wrong with it) and then putting it on ebay. I've been wanting to move up to a 1080p anyways. Anyone interested in buying a HD70?
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The board doesn't control the color wheel, the color wheel controls the board. IOW, it senses the position of the wheel during rotation for timing of the image vs segment color. The wheel rotates at a constant speed. Or at least it's supposed to. In most cases, the bearings are failing and the speed isn't constant, this is detected by the projector as a fatal error and the projector is supposed to shut down, doesn't always.

Since without the color wheel, the image would be B&W, that's the most likely cause of your problem.
You should also check your source. Or even your cables. I had an hdmi cable that had a bad connector and it wouldn't make a complete connection sometimes and my screen would turn magenta. I replaced the cable and that was that.
My HD 70 is doing the same. I am having them send me an RMA so that I can send this back into them for warranty. I to would like to sell mine and step up to something that will puch 1080p and 120" screen.
I have since blown the dust out of mine and turned the fn to the high altitude setting and the grenn flashes have gone away for now. I am going to still send it in since it is under warranty still.
Well sent off the PJ and now it's on it's way back. They took it apart cleaned it and blew the dust out and they said that it was just dusty! Guess I will see when I get it back.
Mine is doing the exact same thing. It started with my xbox 360 playing halo. Now it starts acting up when the color shifts on tv. And just tonight it began to turn itself off. The red light stays solid. i have to unplug it to get it to reboot.

So are you guys saying that a good cleaning may help this issue? I do get a lot of dust floating around down in the man cave.

Anyone have a good link showing how to clean these projectors?
Read in this thread biztyke has the link showing how to clean your projector. I also turned the PJ to high altitude setting and this will turn the fan speed up faster for you. Sounds like it's getting warm. Mine done that when I first mounted it and the heat register was close to it which made it get warm fast and then it shut off on us. Now that we have sent ours in to get it cleaned it works like a charm. I also noticed that the bulb setting has a reading of 7 minutes so I think that they might have place a new bulb in our machine.
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