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HD72 bulb hours... how long did you get....

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Just wondering if there are any people that got proper life out of there HD72 bulbs.

Ill start 650 hours.
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I got about 1000 hours before the unit began to shut off after 15-30 seconds. I sent the unit to OptomaUSA and they told me the bulb was bad. 2 days later, my PJ arrived and has been working fine since then. I tend to believe it was not the bulb, but the lamp driver.

lamp meter shows 606hr , but it counts every two hours so the real time is 1212 hours, no problems yet.
I only got about 600 out of my first bulb before I had the shutoff issue. I had a spare bulb that came with the unit when I bought it and I'm at about the same point on that bulb. I fear for it's life.
Right around 500ish hours bulb did the 15-30 second thing. The odd thing is I had this unit in before for something else and they replaced the light engine... I would think that would have been a preemptive fix... apparently not.

I am wondering what they will say this time... unit arrived at optoma last week so I am expecting some info soon.

BTW on optomas RMA sight to check status they want an RMA number in the form OPT-xxxxx but my RMA number had no OPT in it and was a long string of numbers only... what do you do to check status?
To check the RMA status, simply use the last 5 numbers of your RMA number.


Thanks, that's what I thought but I just get invalid user name error no matter what I do... I will have to call for status I guess.
I never could get their online thing to work. When I called they said it wasn't working...

I got ~650 hours but it's looking like mine's only counting every other hour as well which would make it 1300 hours.
I think I'm just about at 2 years and counting...

I would give you the lamp life but I never sent my original unit back to get the firmware updated.

Of course I have had the whole "Factory Reset" bug happens quite a few times over the course of the past 2 years but I have all my settings on a paper so it takes less than 5 min to get it back to normal.

I should have sent it back but I've just been pretty lazy and unless the bug comes up I just never remember, besides its really a pain in the butt to take it down and pack it up so again, lazy.

I think I have come up on my 2 year warrenty. I intended to send it in before the warrenty was up but I just didn't get around to it I guess, and I think I might be close if not over the 2 year mark. I need to get my reciept out and verify.

I have to have well over 1000 hours on it right now and it still looks good. Now that I say this something will happen but I guess I don't have much room to complain. If I had to guess (which I do since my lamp hours have been reset quite a few times) I'd say I'm getting close to 1500 hours.

I guess keeping my firmware broken projector has been sort of good luck
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My bulb exploded a little after 400 hours. I am currently running the HD65, I like it more due to the higher brightness and very similar image.
so does the timer on the Hd72 count every 2 hours??? Also I got a new HD72 and was wondering if I should run it with the high altitude mode on. How do you know if you should run it like this. I tried it for a movie and man is it loud and annoying.
i run on low lamp and low altitude mode, i have 621x2 hr on the lamp.
I got about 900 hours on the 1st bulb, 600 hours on the 2nd bulb - very poor. I stopped feeding the optoma bulbs and got a infocus IN76
Less than 600 hours in low lamp mode before I started to get the strange no light but fan still running condition.
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