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HDBaseT HDelity

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Was looking into this and found this product.

I also went on youtube and looked at some of the products. Once these products start coming out it will make things easier.

I love how this product has everything over 1 cat5.. Nice


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Hi there, i am a General Manager at Atlona. and i agree with you, the HDBaseT stuff is very exciting. there are displays on the way with HDBaseT inputs on them, we have introduced matrix switchers, and the folks that make the chipsets have loads of REALLY exciting things on the way.

I would be happy to answer any questions about the technology.
I am really excited about the technology, The only thing that's holding me back is cost.

Here is my situation, I want my Computer hooked up to my Projector. But for the cost of the units out right now, it would be cheaper for me to buy another Computer and but it in my basement.
Seems to me that an IP-based solution is where it's heading, for video distribution. Of course, that's probably 10 yrs down the road. Commercial products seem headed in that direction.
Are there any other large brands that have announced HDBaseT baluns/extenders? Any available to purchase already?
Gefen has been selling one for some time. So far, it is the only certified HDBaseT device.
How long until this replaces that awful HDMI?
Never. It is just another method of accomplishing long haul HDMI just like other HDMI media adapters. All the HDMI stuff is there, plus another layer. The potential advantage is that it will be more reliable than other extender technology. You may see some CE manufacturers start including a HDBaseT port in TVs and AVRs, or not. It is really slow taking off despite the participation in the organization by a few big CE manufacturers.
I don't care if the "HDMI stuff is there", I just want to do away with the damn HDMI cables and connectors that make installation a mess.
Well, currently, it lets you do precisely what you can with any other single cable Cat 5/5e/6 media adapter, replace one long HDMI cable with two shorter HDMI cables, two HDBaseT boxes, and a single Cat 5/5e/6 cable. You will still have all the other HDMI cables you have today. And whether CE manufacturers will ever incorporate HDBaseT in TVs and AVRs is yet to be seen.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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