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I have no clue what they were smoking. If you turn on your scaler in your receiver, and hit info on your TV, it will show you that the incoming signal was scaled.

Could ALL these receivers be in some sort of violation of HDCP compliance? I would bet money against that proposition.

The restriction I have heard of, is that receivers can't convert HDCP protected signals to full resolution analog (for obvious reasons.)

The purpose of HDCP is to protect against things they don't consider fair use. Not to prevent video processing.

The general backlash in that thread against scaling is something I can understand though. There's no guarantee that an AVRs video processor is going to improve your video quality. And I really dislike this "near HD quality" BS I see. If you scale a 1x1 image to 1920x1280, is now HD? Hell no. Neither is a 2x2 image, or a 640x480 image.

HD should imply the source video's actual resolution is better than SD's 480 lines of resolution. It has nothing to do with image scaling.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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