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Using a Pioneer Elite Pro-506PU with the Pro-R06U media box. It has two HDMI ports but only one works.

Had a Roku 2 that was worked fine via HDMI. Upgraded to a Roku 3 and kaboom HDCP error.

I have narrowed it down to this: if I unplug the Roku 3 and then plug it back the HDCP handshake works. BUT the moment I turn off the TV (it goes to standby) the HDCP protection kicks in and I I get sound but no video with a HDCP blue screen over the Roku 3.

I have changed out the HDMI cables, no joy. I have a HDMI switch and tried hooking that up in line, no joy.

Obviously I can't unplug and reboot the Roku every time I want to use it.

I read online that this thing MIGHT help with HDCP handshake issues. http://www.gefen.com/kvm/ext-hdmi-edidp.jsp?prod_id=8005

Because this kicks on with a power cycle I worry it is a power issue on the HDMI in the old Pioneer and dont know if the Gefen will work IF that is the issue.

However, it costs $84 so I don't really want to do that unless people think this is my best option. But does anyone have any other ideas short of buying a new TV?
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