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HDCP woes

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This is an HD device chain issue, so I hope this is the right forum. I'm having an issue with the HDCP flag and intermediate DVI equipment (switches, extenders, etc.). Here are the scenarios; all connections are DVI or HDMI->DVI cable, and I have tried a number of different cables.

1) HD DirecTivo (HR10-250) -> Sanyo Z2 projector = HDCP Enabled on the HR10-250 status screen, DirecTV HDCP test channel (201) shows fine

2) HR10-250 -> intermediate device ->Z2 = HDCP Not Enabled on the HR10-250, channel 201 says "you can't do that, blah, blah".

I've tried scenario 2 with:

DTronics DS-41R 4x1 DVI Switch

Gefen DVI Extender

Zektor DVS5.1 5x1 DVI Switch

I'm confused and frustrated with this, and I don't know which piece of equipment to blame or which direction the whole HDCP thing "flows". Other people have reported that the HR10-250 works in this scenario, although I don't know what displays they have. Is the Z2 seeing something on the input it doesn't like and turning off its "I support HDCP" signal? Is the HR10-250 seeing something it doesn't like?

I was hoping my new Zektor switch would have the nice side effect of fixing this problem, but no luck. Any ideas?

- Brian
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I think I've read elswhere that people have been able to use DVI switches with their HR10's. I have a feeling it is you projector. Ask over in the projector forum and I'm sure someone with a Z2 will chime in.
If you're using the Gefen DVI Repeater, it can't handle HDCP and you're SOL.

If you're using the Gefen DVI 1000 two box set, then you'll need to connect a Cat 5 cable between the two boxes to send the HDCP data.
Actually I'm using (well, tried using anyway) the Gefen HDTV Repeater (SKU EXT-HDTV-141, the blue one) which is supposed to support HDCP. Of course, as half-baked as HDCP is to begin with, there are certainly no guarantees. The strange thing is that I seem to remember that my old Sony HD300 worked in this setup, and it was notorious for not enabling its DVI output at all unless it saw HDCP capability on the other end.

I'm starting to wonder if it's a DVI vs. HDMI quirk.
These Zektor device, and probably the Gefen, pass the HDCP from the Z2 to the HR10-250. If the cable length is too long, the HDCP signal could be attenuated and unreadable. You can try some short cables and see if that helps.
Thanks for the suggestion hd_addicted. It wasn't the cable length as such, but you inspired me to tear everything down and reinspect everything, including device setup. It turns out that somewhere in the 2 HDTivo RMAs, several power outages, and who knows what else, the projector DVI input had been set to PC instead of AV-HDCP. Doh! I know I checked everything the last time I did this, though, so it was either the new HDTivo (September build date) or the new Zektor switch that did it, maybe both.

On the down side, now I lost my excuse to upgrade. :)
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