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I want to say thank you for your help!

I finally upgraded successfull an european DVDR 3575h /31 with a 500GB Western Digital Caviar SE WD5000AAJB. But it was not as easy as I espected. I bought a 500Gig IDE HDD from ebay but this drive was not detected right by the recorder. press and hold "skip back" and "stop" should format a new drive, but for me it hung at the display FMT Key. I tried several jumper settings for Master, Slave, CS but the drive did not wanted to get formated. So I copied 400 Gig Backup stuff from another HDD and tried this Samsung 400Gig HDD, but this one hungs also at FMT Key.
So my last idea was to copy the whole original 160Gig HDD with Winhex onto the 500Gig WD HDD. And YES this beast bootet up now!
with 160Gig instead of 500, but that was a great step forward. I decided to try a format again A N D Yes the FMT Key Display changed to FMT HDD an succeeded with FMT done. Finally a mains breakdown was needed to boot up again, but now it works like a charme with trippled capacity 165h recording time instead of 43h and with 69Gig Media storage instead of 22Gig.
I am very very very happy now!

I will try to compress the Image file now to put it into an archive and hopefully dont need to install it again, but whoever want to upgrade a european 3575 should try to copy the original HDD image onto the new HDD to make it bootable by the DVDR and finally format the drive to its full capacity by holding |
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