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Hddvd/bluray Player

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what software plays HDDVD/BLURAY movies from harddrive ?

cheers and may ALIENs quadrilogy son appear on HD

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use power dvd.

have not seen blu on hard drives, but hd yes. friend has backed up 20+ movies..(lots of hard drive space required) close to 24 gig per movie.
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PowerDVD Ultra will play both BD and HD DVD.
well i just got this sad message from cyberlink..

Dear Ron,

Thank you for contacting CyberLink Online Support.

We understand your concern related with PowerDVD Ultra software.

In regard to your concern, we like to inform you that this feature to play HD/BD DVD's from the harddrive has been removed from the new build of the CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra software. So, if you use the new build of the PowerDVD Ultra software then you will not be able to play HD/BD DVD's from harddrive.

This feature has been removed from the new version due to some security policies of the organization which set standards for HD/BD DVD's.

So the last working BLURAY/HDDVD folder and file player is.. CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra Delux v8.3.3319a

what els can play BLURAY/HDDVD folder and file ?

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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