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I am selling my HDFury Maestro TX and RX which I purchased to work around that my TV and AVR don't support eARC and I wanted Dobly Atmos (although it has MANY more features). This not only allows you to split the signal and send them off to different locations (AMP and TV in my case) but also supports any video and/or audio signal in existence today including LLDV, HLG, HDR10+, DTS:X, ATMOS and more… It's future proof supporting HDMI 2.1, is firmware upgradeable and offers so much more than my expertise can tell you.

You can send full 18Gbps video from the TX to the RX over Cat6a (up to 100m) with no lag to watch 4K in HDR to a secondary TV with the full support of all video and audio signals.

The support is fantastic and quick over email should you need it. They can write you custom firmware and send them over to solve pretty much any issue you are trying to work around because they understand what they are talking about. Their background basically comes from making devices work together that don't already.

HDFury has been around a long time, won awards and this is arguably the best HDBT system on the market today. It has served me extremely well over the short time I have had it and I am only selling because I don't need it anymore.

It cost me $999+tax+shipping (I am in the UK) which worked out to be about £1000 after everything. I am looking for just £450.

You can find more information at HDFury's website.

Bonus Update: It can now be used to enjoy any dynamic Dolby Vision content from an LLDV source on any HDR10 display.

Boost your HDR10 display capabilities with a stunning new method that started a growing hype on the major AV forums out there with more than 100K+ views on AVforums and AVSForums

That so-called “hack” or “trick” is basically enabling any HDR10 display to render dynamic DV content from any LLDV capable source. The result is the greatest boost in picture quality that one can get for the money.


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