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Post all questions for HDFury Vertex² in this thread. I’m hoping that I’ve gathered most of the information correctly, but in case I didn’t, please let me know and I'll rectify.

##### FAQ #####

A. When & Where can I buy this product?

Available NOW at https://www.hdfury.com/product/4k-vertex2-18gbps/

B. What is the HDFury Vertex²

It is a new version of the famed HDFury Vertex with the following features (brief overview - not all encompassing):

1. 4×2 Matrix/Splitter/Scaler for 4K HDR/DV 18Gbps/600MHz + Full HDMI Audio out (extract HDMI/ARC/eARC).

o 4x HDMI 2.0 inputs
o 2x HDMI 2.0 video outputs (w/ scaling options) AND
o 1x dedicated HDMI full audio output (user selectable 720p or 1080p)

2. All inputs capable of 4K HDR/HLG/DV/LLDV/HDR10+ up to 18Gbps

3. Vertex² is also capable of extracting full audio from any TV ARC or eARC (HDMI2.1) up to Atmos High Bit Rate over True HD and forward it via 720p/1080p HDMI to ANY capable AVR input

4. Process two 18Gbps signals at the same time from 2 sources to 2 sinks devices and have one of the channel duplicated and converted in res/hdcp/chroma/color depth/color space/etc. to 1080p + a third output with HDMI audio out

5. HDMI TX0 and TX1 video outputs are capable of outputting 18Gbps as well as all sound formats

6. Greater memory that original Vertex

7. Auto-switch any source

8. Unlike the original Vertex, you can setup and manage the Vertex² via a webserver from any computer/mobile or web browser based device

9. LAN Control, RS232, L/R stereo or Optical 5.1 output, IR RX, IR sensor, IR window, OLED display and 4 buttons on the side allowing to enter/exit and perform change in the device system menu

10. Exact signal timing report with up to 3 digits decimals accuracy on frame rate

11. Vertex² is now capable of sending any custom RS232 commands to any RS232 capable display based on incoming signal types or particular metadata value

12. Provides a total of 15 HDCP 1.4 and 2.2 engines for decryption/encryption

13. Capable of connecting any HDCP1.x or HDCP2.x source devices to any HDCP1.x or HDCP 2.x sink devices

14. Display HDCP 2.2 Content with Non-HDCP2.2 Compliant Devices

15. Vertex2 is capable of physically disconnecting/reconnecting device at output via software, designed to save all standby mode issues some/most Android TVs have (e.g like Sony)

C. Table w/ Features Overview is attached!

D. General Support Q&A

To ensure that HDFury fully understands your setup so they can provide suitable answers, when posting tech support questions, it is strongly encouraged to provide as much description to your setup as possible. Therefore, please describe ALL equipment in your chain (include any relevant links as needed)

i. Input Sources:
• Brand & Model

ii. HDMI Cabling:
• Cable brand & type (copper/active/fiber)
• Cable length

iii. Sink Devices:
• Brand & Model

iv. Example Chain:

ATV 4k -> KabelDirekt 6ft copper -> (in 1) Vertex² (out 1) -> KabelDirekt 6ft copper -> LG C9
Oppo 203 -> KabelDirekt 6ft copper -> (in 2) Vertex² (out 2) -> KabelDirekt 12ft copper -> JVC DLA-RS600U
---------------------------------------------------> Vertex² (Audio out) -> KabelDirekt 10ft copper -> Denon AVR-X1500H

Side note on HDMI cables:
- given experiences with the original Vertex, for copper HDMI cables, their recommended lengths should be between min 6ft to max 12ft
- recommended brands: KableDirekt, Bluejeanscable or HDfury own cables (however others are most likely to work as well)

E. Creating & Sending Config Files (for troubleshooting)

To save and send Vertex2 config files :
1. Access the Web Server - see User Manual pg. 16
2. Config Export via Web Server - see User Manual pg. 40

F. User Manual Link:


Changelog #1 (5/24/19):
Per HDFury input:
- removed Windows GUI capability
- added details regarding auto (dis)connect feature via embedded software

Changelog #2 (5/28/19):
- released date changed to June 28 2019
- added overview table
- provided initial Q&A format
- attached actual picture of Vertex² product

Changelog #3 (6/28/19):
- added details w.r.t. Web Server access + saving/sending config files
- added link to User Manual


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Very good first post, thank you very much !!

Please note that Vertex2 is capable of physically disconnecting/reconnecting device at output via software, this is unique features build to save all standby mode hassle of Android TV (sony one but not only) and any devices making problem in standby mode.
You can see the nightmare it is when you have AV chain with multiple sinks and an Android TV here (translate in English with browser if you don't read german): https://community.sony.de/t5/android-tv/standby-verhalten/td-p/2366762/page/42?nobounce

PS: No Windows GUI for Vertex2 as you can use webserver from any computer/mobile or web browser based device.

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Thank you for starting this thread. I’ve preordered and I’m looking forward to the dual 4k matrix capabilities and JVC projector integration. I asked a question in the Vertex thread last week. Below is the answer ...

I preordered the new Vertex2 and have a few basic questions. I’ll have an HTPC, Xbox One X, and a PS4 Pro as inputs.

- Output 1 —> Denon x4400 -> JVC x790 Projector
- Output 2 —> Denon 730H -> LG OLED B7

1. My x790 is in a seperate room. To connect the RS232/DB9 adapter. I just need a standard male to female 3.5 mm audio extension cable?

2. The Vertex will allow the two outputs to send different 4k input signals simultaneously? Therefore, I can watch movies on the projector while my kids play Xbox or PS4 on the OLED(or vice versa).

3. The Vertex will allow the two outputs to send the same 4k input signal simultaneously?

4. The Vertex can be controlled via the Logitech Harmony hub?
1. Yes correct.
2. Yes it's a full matrix, no problem for that
3. Yes
4. Yes (just note that it can takes a couple of weeks before codes become available on harmony db, you can also send them your own IR code list to add to your account)

Looks like you are all good ;)

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Have a GoBlue with only BT that I picked up long time ago. Will it work with the Vertex2 or does it require the GoBlue with IR+BT?
No, new devices have webserver that allow straight connection from WIN/MAC/LINUX/iOS/Android or any web browser based device, no need of any GoBlue add on.

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Thanks for letting us know @HDfury.

Hopefully the delay won't be much longer...eagerly awaiting my Vertex²!!!

P.S. Edited OP to add a quick access table showing all of the main Vertex² features.
Should not take longer, just the time for us to port the work done on Diva to Maestro and Vertex2 since we received LG C9 2.1 eARC and Sony eARC TV in our lab and added perfect eARC support to Diva now.

PS: Table is perfect, except that it miss optical output which is a combo optical/analog, so same output can do both Analog stereo or optical
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