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Greetings from a new member of the board. I have decided to post a question here as I have been unable to get my membership activiated over on the Curt Palme website where I bought the HDFury 2.

I have been using component signals from several sources through the VP-30 for scaling/centering/etc., on my Pioneer 710HD RPTV. I recently wanted to try HDMI to see if there was any advantage so, after talking with customer support at Curt Palme's website, I purchased an HDFury 2 with v1.51 firmware. The HDFury2 seems to work ok (although the picture is not centered and overexpanded) when connected between my DENON Blu-Ray source and the television set. When adding the VP-30 for the input switching and scaling capabilities, I have a situation where the VP-30's input light blinks on and off blue indicating that the display (the HDFury2 in this case) is not HDCP compliant. The HDFury's supposed to be HDCP compliant.

Has anyone else experienced this situation and, if so, do you have any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks for your thoughts!
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