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Simply put - for any of you familiar with the HDFury2 device for converting an inputted HDMI signal into a Component analog video signal (while maintaining the same video quality); I have a question about the audio portion of it.

All I want to know, is if my setup is Sony PS3 to HDFury2 via HDMI .. and the PS3 is outputting 7.1c uncompressed surround sound audio into the HDFury2 .. what audio is being outputted from the HDFury2? I understand it is not going to be surround sound because it says on their website it only outputs in analog and digital optical (S/PDIF) through a 3.5mm combo jack.

My friend has the same setup now and tried this out using the analog audio and with surround sound coming in via the HDMI to the HDFury2 .. only the front left/right speakers sounds were being outputted from the HDFury2. He is waiting for an optical cable to test out the digital portion ..

.. but from all your expertise and knowledge, can you tell me now if you think the HDFury2 will be able to convert the uncompressed HD signal into 2.1c stereo audio?? That's all I want to know.

IF ANYONE can help I would be very appreciative. I sort of kinda ordered this item along with $300 worth of other items I would need in this setup and without the HDFury2 being able to output to stereo audio it would all be worthless.
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