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HDHomeRun from 9thTee.com

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So, apparently, I signed up some time ago to be notified when this product started shipping. 9thTee's email last night says it is now doing just that.

The product looks interesting, but their web site leaves a lot of questions unanswered. At $170 for two tuners and a network interface it seems pretty attractively priced depending on what it can actually do. The only page I can find on the product says:


Watch over-the-air digital & unencrypted digital cable TV from all computers in your home network

Dual tuners - watch multiple channels on the same or multiple computers

IR Receiver - use most standard remotes to signal your PC

Compatible With:

VLC - watch TV on Windows, Linux, Mac

MythTV - DVR for Linux and Mac.

Coming soon: Windows Media Center.

Coming soon: SnapStream BeyondTV.

Detailed Specifications:

8-VSB (ATSC over-the-air digital HDTV)

QAM64/256 (unencrypted digital cable TV)

Dual HDTV Tuners

IR Receiver (38kHz)

100baseTX high speed network

Open source drivers/support

Package Includes:

Networked Digital HDTV Tuner

Power supply

7' RJ45 Patch Cable


A Google search yeilded nothing further. Does anyone have more information on how this works?

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I noticed this product also but I am waiting until BeyondTV drivers are avaliable sometime early next year. I dont care for the chassis but may end up custom making one I can stand loking at. Looks like a pretty cool product if it works as advertised.
Has anyone bought one yet?
I am gunshy as I bought a Novra A75 ATSC Ethernet tuner which I have never been able to get working.

Please someone buy this thing and tell us how it works.
There is now a link to a support forum with quite a bit of interesting stuff. Looks like it works very well with a MythTV set-up.


What to do...what to do.

Originally Posted by Pvr4Craig
What to do...what to do.
I was about to say, "Try it," but I see here that you can't return it if you don't like it. :mad:
Can someone explain to me what this does?
Originally Posted by str1der
Can someone explain to me what this does?
It is a pair of HD tuners for OTA reception that converts the signal to be streamed via ethernet so you can watch it on a computer or as some seem to be doing sending to a MythTV system which is a home grown Tivo like DVR.
Originally Posted by str1der
Can someone explain to me what this does?
There's a write-up over on TechWandering which goes into some detail about how it works and how you can use it.
Granted, the HDHR isn't tied to any system but if the stream isn't configurable, then this may be a fair question:

are there any published system requirements?
Need to get to post #5 (you'll see why below)
There is also a long thread here, with quite a number of favorable reports from early adopters.
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