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HDMI 1.3's Two Categories: Standard and High-Speed
Standard cables must support up to 1080i, while high-speed cables must support up to 1080p/120 Deep Color.

I continually get questioned about high-speed versus standard-speed cable, and I want to drive this one home for all you installers out there: HDMI Rev 1.3 cable spec now has two categories.

Standard (Cat 1): Supporting 480p, 720p, and 1080i or a frequency response up to 74 MHz.

High-Speed (Cat 2): Supporting 480p, 720p 1080i, 1080p/60, and 1080p/120 "Deep Color" or a frequency response up to 340 MHz.

What these specs say is that a standard HDMI cable product supports up to 1080i and doesn't have to support 1080p.

However, high-speed HDMI cable products do support 1080p/60 and support 1080p/120 Deep Color.

There is just one little quark to all of this: in order to pass an HDMI compliance test for high speed, products must pass 1080p/60/120 and Deep Color. So, it basically covers it all.

Due to the increase in bandwidth demand for 1080p/120 Deep Color, any Rev 1.3 display or receiver automatically has a built-in cable equalizer to compensate for any cable loss.

Does this mean that you can only get 1080p/60 with high-speed cable products? Well, yes and no. You can get 1080p/60 with high-speed, but you may also get 1080p/60 on standard.

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