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HDMI # 2 input on Pann TH-50PX60U

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Has anyone managed to find a discrete code for the 2nd HDMI port on a Pannasonic TH-50PX60U Plasma ?? I prefer pronto, but am looking for any brand remote code so I can convert if necessary. All other discretes work

Thanks in advance

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Barry, I'm in the same boat - but could you help me out by providing the other discrete codes? I really want to get my hands on HDMI 1.

try pulling it from ftp: //

Let me know if it works


I see you have some discretes for model 50PX60U posted on your server. I have the TH-42PX60U and I suspect the codes are the same. I tried to connect to your FTP server as anonymous with my name as a password, but authentication failed. Could I get these codes from you somehow? I'd really appreciate it.


I have found the TH-50PX60U and the TH-42PX60U to respond to an macro such as input, input# very quickly. So quick and reliable that a discrete code was not an issue.
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