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I have had this 40 inch APEX tv now for over 3 years. I havent had any issues, about a month ago I added a HDMI capture card into my setup and the only way to record in HDMI was to run my source through a switch that would allow me to record in HDMI with my Playstation 3. Anyways I noticed a lag for audio and video on the tv, so I reset the ps3 video settings and it went away. A few days ago it happened again, this time I disconnected everything and had the ps3 going directly into the tv with 1 hdmi cord.I still had the lag, so I then plugged the Ps3 into another tv and it worked fine. After shutting off and unplugging the APEX 40 inch I got it back to normal. My question is it possible I damaged my tv? or does the tv have some sort of HDMI memory? Why did the lag still exist after resting everything, switching HDMI cables, using a different Ps3 disconnecting everything but one Ps3, 1 hdmi, and the tv. 


TV model is Apex 40 ld 4088

The capture card and switch were removed from they equation and the problem persisted. I just find it hard to believe my tv broke the same day I added those components. 


Also to note, the tv has been set up the same way for 3 years with no issues. 

thanks for reading.


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