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HDMI Audio extractor question

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Hey AVS forum,

After a long time i've made up my mind. i want to upgrade to a 4k hdr 50+ inch (etc) tv. But i do have some issues. My setup has come a long way since my last post. I know switched from my brand new denon x1400h to a older onkyo 1008. Which absolutely blows that denon out of the water. But the onkyo doesnt support 4k hdr. My denon does support it, but I cant go back to the pretty crappy audio. Therefore i thought a hdmi audio extractor maybe could fix the issue. The extractor that i'm looking at supports arc, 4k, dts hd, hdr etc. But the thing with all these devices, is that in my experience they all suffer from latency issue's, image quality etc. Do you guys have a good suggestion? any response would help alot:)


(excuse any grammatical errors svp)
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Oh wow, I didn't know they were coming back. I knew for a long time they were discontinued and sold out. But good they are selling them again
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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