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How can I tell if an A/V receiver can accept audio via HDMI and output this audio via a digital optical output?

I have a home theater in a box (HTIB), but I'm looking to get a good/decent a/v receiver to clean up all the cables related to running separate HDMI cables to my TV and optical cables to my HTIB. In addtion, I have to use a manual optical switch on my HTIB as it only has one optical input.

I'm fine with the sound for now from my HTIB so I plan to continue to use it for now. So are there any receivers (under $1,000) that can accept audio and video via HDMI and pass the video out via HDMI and the audio out via digital optical?

Eventually, when I move into a bigger entertainment room I plan to get rid of the HTIB and buy really good speaker to pair with this a/v receiver.
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