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I have a Sharp 37D43U television, and a Windows Media Center PC running Vista Ultimate SP1 (32 bit). My graphics card is a Radeon 3450 with ATI's DVI to HDMI adapter.

The media center works fine with the TV when I use VGA and 3.5mm audio. However, I get noisy audio so I decided to switch to HDMI for the digital (and therefore immune to 60Hz buzz) audio. I have a strange problem though. When I boot the machine, it works fine, and I can want TV and videos with audio. However, when I change the input on the TV to anything other than the media center, then change it back again to the media center, there is video, but no audio.

This only occurs when using the HDMI audio. VGA and 3.5mm work fine even after I switch back from a different source. According to Windows, the audio seems to be be working fine. Turning off the TV does not work, nor does unplugging and re-plugging in the HDMI cable, or changing the resolution of the signal from the PC. The only way to get audio back is for me to restart the PC, and reboot. Then, it works fine until I change the input source again.

I have done lots of googling (including of this forum), and I can't find anyone with similar problems caused by the ATI graphics card's audio device. However, I have seen a few people mentioning problems with TV's and HDMI signals. Does anyone have any idea's for a fix?
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