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HDMI Audio Problems with Denon 1910 & ATI HD4350...HELP!!!

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Hi All,

Yesterday i treated myself to a Denon AVR-1910,, got it all setup with my kit all was going well i have got it working with my Virgin V+ box over HDMI fine, my XBOX 360 works fine over HDMI, but when i got to my HTPC this is where i am having problems. I have it connected via HDMI from my ATI HD4350 card to my Denon AMP.

It picks everything up fine, had to download the realtek HI Def Audio driver & off the same site the ATI HDMI Audio driver. The problem i get is i get sound but not from every speaker, the test works fine when i do one for 5.1, but when i try and play any music or movies i either get Stereo sound or no sound at all ??

Has anyone had this problem ??

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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