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I've done a LOT of research and reading past posts on this, and no one seems to have an answer besides "get a harmony remote". Its just mind boggling to believe that ARC and HDMI-CEC is completely useless and total garbage...


U-verse cable box---->HDMI----->TV/SAT input Pioneer VSX-70


VSX-70 Output 1 (ARC) ------->HDMI ------->Input 1 (ARC) LG PM9700


LG PM9700 (return audio) ------->same HDMI------> VSX-80 "TV" input (for audio return channel only)



LG Simplink menu options:


Simplink - ON

Audio output - "HT AUDIO" (home theater)

Power On/Off - ON


LG Main options menu/sound:






Pioneer VSX-80 "HDMI SETUP"


Control for HDMI - ON

Control - ON



Passive HDMI - OFF



1. Problem is whenever I use the U-verse remote to turn everything on (single push of power button turns everything on) everything powers up fine, AVR starts at SAT/CBL (last used before power off) picture shows up, sound starts and then the AVR switches inputs within 5 seconds or so to "TV".


I am forced to switch back to SAT/CBL input everytime i power on the AVR. It wants to default to the "TV" input no matter what. How, if possible, can i make the SAT/CBL the priority input that the AVR defaults to when power on?


Everything else works fine for the most part, the only other issue im having is this:


2. When i switch over to Netflix on the Smart Apps menu on the LG, and Netflix starts up, the the AVR doesnt automatically switch to "TV" input from SAT/CBL input. I have to wait until the movie starts, hit "options" on the LG tv/Netflix options at the top right, and select "EXT SPEAKERS" manually every time, thereby turning Simplink on AGAIN after it should already be on. I can do this OR switch to "TV" input on the AVR. Once i do this, the sound works fine.


Then, when i exit Netflix, I have to manually switch back to SAT/CBL input after i exit out of the Smart Apps menu to a black screen.



It seems ARC and HDMI-CEC is completely damn worthless unless you have the same brands. I just dont understand why they invented a technology to make things easier, and the chit doesnt work at all and goes weird when you want to connect multiple brands together...
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